Saturday, March 29, 2008

SPRING POEM: My Dirty Angel of Paradise

Vampyric, originally uploaded by Tania at the Dancefloor!.

SPRING POEM: My Dirty Angel of Paradise

Red Lips Colored Small Death Beloved
tumble out of control said she when
light fission fused sex and her parts
with the almighty word not of God
but some wonderful creature who
never fakes romance or duty:
She simply plays eyes and breasts
makes nipples so large they crow
over the howl of dogs hungry for
some new season to build bulbs
so the clitoris rest, swollen and
alive forever and ever amen.

Come love to the entry of heaven
There you will sit and feel every
pulse of every mortal soul.

Everyone will carry into your lips
streaked with red silk and heels:
lip color so dark-- almost night.
Intent is craven and always plump
when your ass bends and breasts
rise down & you become an angel.

God wants your assets and his will
be done buried to the hilt forever.

for MKB

Where Are the Eyes When Love Has Shrill Retort

Where Are the Eyes When Love Has Shrill Retort

(c) Sean Farragher

Lust has several tongues
glued together by dear
grief or that explosion
that carries flowers
backward to birth
when wild seeds
are metal, slippery
and the eye opens
every day louder.