Friday, October 27, 2006

Ashley Sonata #2

Self Portrait Vincent Van Gogh

Ashley Sonata #2

I look into the box where you have drawn
genius, yours and mine. Your life is not as
set; well maybe no life should be arranged.

I have changed over the years. I love thought;
the ability to create what is not and to love
what is, of course, a royal map we obey.

I walk into the box where we have gathered
every strand of light and pleasure, and
as night sounds, jazz, sex and delirium
ride with us in a carriage in London
we run out of time. We live in the years before
gas puttering engines when you my Lady
and I walked into the park for a quick squeeze.

Everyone looked. They assumed we were
committed, but pleasure drew us as lovers
beyond the silk walls of one box in paradise.

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