Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today I argue for love 10/26/2006

Painting by Vincent Van Gogh

San Antonio Sonata

When love has its own pitch
the deceit we practice cannot
be measured anymore. We are
quiet and soft, hard and loud,
and the extremes connect
in that moment when our bodies
decide the path between atoms
and that wedding with no preacher
and without witness will be
a grand victory for anonymous time
setting itself on the horizon
watching the successive waves
drift above and river dust reigns.

You measure my orbit and I
count your rings. You cover
my landscape and I caress
peaches and pubic pear.

Come out of the darkness
we bless our bed and carry
the waters with us to eidolon.

The sun rises and moon
never falls, and when we enter
the ether, light is revised.

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