Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday, October 22

I woke to the fever of words. I didn't put them down. Instead I read about Rutgers. I thought that Matt Simms should go there instead of Louisville. I wish I could tell him. He will the win the Heisman Trophy if he goes RUTGERS. He will earn 2 million a year as number one in the draft. The coach at Rutgers there knows what he is doing. So. Matt at Don Bosco Prep sign when you can on line for RUTGERS. I wonder if you watched them beat Pittsburgh. If Rutgers had a quarterback this year they would be unstoppable as national champ. New York is New Brunswick. Don't make the mistake of your brother and bury yourself in your Texas, Kentucky. I know Louisville has great coaches and a fantastic offense. You have had a father and brother to mentor you. All those coaches are still available to you and more. I am not a graduate of Rutgers. I graduated from Columbia, but all my life I have wanted a powerful New York/New Jersey team that could compete with PA State, Notre Dame and yes, Ohio State this year. Go Knights. Matt, you would be served by Rutgers. You would get back more or as much as you give.

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