Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meeting the Spirit Nile

Accidents happen. I woke up to the progress of my computer maintenance. I felt frustration at not being able to play with words, run my art through the barrel of time as a gun. I realize what I write here will not be censored, self censored or in anyway modified by my agendas. Oh yes, we all have them. I recently met one of the most talented writers, photographers, artists who walked across the street and carried me up in her arms. I don't want to disrupt her life. She is young, and curious about the world. I am in my own way her contemporary. I too want to set the world open and straight about the poetry and prose that I write. I want to expose the pain in the world, not that it doesn't get sufficent treatment in the daily news summaries and tv spot ads for war machinery (how to make McDonalds in Iraq) ... The Green zone is open. You are safe like standing down in Nam. No ops today. No secret ops. No assassination today. No childbirth. Medics had the opportunity in Thailand to deliver infants from the moss and mold of some broken down space. The woman I met on line. She had a great field of light that broke from her lips. Last night she asked me questions and felt what she saw as disloyality and ran from her own questions. I understand and realize that is the purpose of this blog. I will show my reaction to particular images (true or false) as they evolve from my fingertips. She caught me, and it pleased me. I am flattered by what she perceived. No, her name is not, will not be divulged by me ever. When she spoke her desire to know what it feels like, what she will see, and became a part of the dialogue, she realized I believe that you cannot separate the process from the honest descriptions of life. She is unique in that her intelligence allows her to be in my skin, and I in hers, but of course there is sexuality which bubbles in both of us. I welcome her to comment here using an alias. Shall I call her Mother Light, Ms. Light -- no let her choose if she wishes to participate in this blog her own name. Sean Farragher -- that's all you need, or be a friendly fire, used in its opposite sense, as a gadfly madador of some noble discovery.

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