Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Song of Innocence -- William Blake

Song of Ashley
After William Blake's
Song of Innocence

If you push too hard on the sun,
it will backup and flood the sea.

Put pressure on the sphere to
let it roll as hoops with wet
summer performance letting
the arm hold up sky to sweat
the rain across the plains and
in that revue we keep the
actors working on their past.

Something good will shuffle
out of the work we extend
to pit the sun against gravity
and every electro magnetic
swirl of lips kissing gray eyes

in the uniform earth no one
can observe the good man

call with the shark for revival
and affirmation of sexual poles

We do make love not as ritual
but as a storm rising out of mouth
with your skin and nipples heated.

I am taken by you my female God.
You give birth to me from your lips
where you taste the sudden salt

of your struggle to purge the sea
of some poison only you dear myth
can calm in the days after magnetic
poles shift from north to south,
the world will spin soon too late
will stop for another million years.

Dear Blake Garden Man Grower of
Grapes resumes thy Ploy to Never End.
Come dangerous pestilence costumed
to be safe while waiting for reviews,
lift up your floral sheath and show me
how to make love again on a new
flower we grew from broken clocks.

I cannot count the time as you with
scythe pass away and I wait for lights
too shallow to keep the earth aglow
forever watching for relief of dark.
No one can see the first strokes.
You are in my arms forever again.

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